Tuesday, 28 July 2009

It must be magic...

I thought I'd only lose about half a pound this week at most- I've not been eating particularly healthily, a lot of snacking, and whilst I haven't gone over my weekly points, I have eaten right up to the limit of my activity points.
However, somehow, possibly by magic, I have lost 3 and a half pounds !
That brings me down to my 5% goal(past it even), AND means I've lost my first stone with WW!
So I'm really pleased :D
Todays WI results then:
ARMS:15 Inches
BUST:40.5 Inches
WAIST:35.5 Inches
HIPS:47 Inches
THIGHS:28 Inches

So I now weigh as much as...a vespa
moped and the average humans skin

Or as much as a baby giraffe, an irish setter, a chihuahua and a guinea pig

I'm a human zoo!

Just made the WW halloumi burger recipe for tea. It crumbled like a crumble could only ever dream of crumbling. But I've heard other people complain it didn't hold together for them either, so I blame the recipe.
Now I'm gonna drink Bulmers light and watch Buffy....ahhhhhh....good times.