Thursday, 30 July 2009

Do I hear IKEA?

Yes I do!
Me and one of my best friends decided it would be a fun day trip for us to go to she needed stuff for her new house at uni...I didn't especially NEED anything, but any excuse for a good bargainhunt and I'm there. I started out early so I could have a bit of a wander round the shops in Leeds. Most things I tried on didn't fit, or only just fitted whilst looking awful, but I really think I've turned over a new leaf because instead of crying and sulking and hating myself I just accepted it and thought 'Try again in a month's time...'. I'm really getting the hang of this positive thinking malarkey. Anyhow, I did end up buying a long black unitard/bodysuit type thing. I don't look good in it YET, buts it's simple and tight and will make for very accurate before and after photos, and I want to keep as accurate a record of this journey as I can. This time next year I WILL look good in that bodysuit- and you are my witnesses.
I also bought an awesome black beret, and then realised I'd essentially just got myself a mime costume. Here's hoping this years Voice and Body classes involve mime!
I then met up with my friend and we headed on over IKEAway, resisting the urge to take over the little playground thing outside it.For what must be the first time EVER I didn't even go in the restaurant, let alone stuff myself silly on elk-shaped pasta and weird cakes. I did buy WAY too much stuff but hey, everyone needs bedding and brightly coloured storage tins don't they!?
And then we reached the glorious and evilly tempting food shop....
And I did buy a lot of food. But I steered well clear of the ginger thin biscuits- I know I'm not in control enough to only eat one or two, I would finish the pack in a matter of minutes.
And instead of the daim dragees(which are GORGEOUS) I got a bag of the mini daim bars. No healthier, but they're individually wrapped and half a point each, so easy to keep track of and no excuses for over-indulging.
I also found blueberry, and rosehip soups. Which I think you can have hot or cold, but look like they'll be lovely either way, and very healthy- no fat in them at all! So i'm looking forward to those.
I'm fairly certain that carrying insanely heavy bags home again counts as excercise(must go down the gym before my pass expires...) but I'm not gonna point it just in case. I could do with saving all the points I can. I'm going to France next week and it's going to be a NIGHTMARE. Eating there as a vegetarian is hard enough, let alone when you're trying to cut back on the bread and cheese!


  1. Ikea is a magical place! Although I think the last time I went I was still small enough to play in the creche and won a lunch box by finding a special ball in the ball pool.

  2. ahh the glorious creche. I remember being very upset the day i was too tall to go in...

  3. I love Ikea, its the happiest place ever. And i love the one outside Leeds! I can't resist the strawberry tarts