Monday, 27 July 2009

Down in the Doldrums...

  • ...whatever they may be. So, today started really rather badly. Woke up late and then stayed in bed listening to my hypnosis tracks. All good and relaxing so far. Then I went downstairs and decided to check my emails. Some little tosspot has hacked my hotmail, and now I cant get into it. Either they can email me information on how to reset my the email address I can;t access... or I can tell them who my childhood best friend was. Trouble is, I had about 5...all of whom could be written differently, with last names, without last names, capitalised etc. So it's a nightmare. Distracted myself with the G2 for about 5 minutes. Then off to town for THE BIG SHOP. Mum needed to get boring stuff so I had a look in Topshop and New Look while I was waiting. Big Sales...for Small people. Tried on a couple of things- the things that fit looked crap...and the things that didn't fit looked crapper. So that was a non-starter. Spent hours and hours(it felt) going round sainsburys with my little WW calculator trying to remember what was on the shopping list I so diligently made beforehand, and then forgot to bring along. Exciting Finds of the day:
  • nakd cocoa locoa bars. 2 points and really chocolatey and yummy.
  • a bright pink suitcase for my hols for a tenner!
  • falafelafalfelfalfelfalel or falafel.
  • 2L diet coke/diet cherry coke 2 for £2.
And...that was all fun and joyous. Went to the gym on the way home and cycled(whilst reading shopaholic and baby. Multitasker thy name is Florrie.) Earned myself 6 Activity points. Though I'm gonna try not to eat them... Had a nice tea of a GIANT salad with quorn mini scotch eggs, some chilli beans and a tortilla. Now I'm going to...try to get into my hotmail some more. Wish me luck. xxxxx


  1. what are the veg scotch eggs like? im a veggie and have always wondered if they are worth trying? xx

  2. they're one of my fave foods!
    I love them.
    they're half a point each and currently on special offer in sainsburys!
    the proper size ones they do in holland and barratt are lovely too but i dont know how many points they are.

  3. oh i will so be going to sainsburys tomorrow and getting some! do you just have them as your protein part of the meal and then do some new pots and veg alongside or something?
    i have been veggie for 19 years but don't eat a lot of quorn etc, mainly lentils and pulses! xx

  4. I've been having them with a big salad for lunch.
    or just as an inbetween meal snack, theyre nicely filling. Though very moreish which can be a bit evil...

  5. I've given up with Topshop, nothing ever fits me even if it's supposedly in my size. New Look is normally good though - you just have to look hard for the nice stuff. xxx

  6. Topshop's weird. Most of the stuff I could barely wear as jewellery, let alone clothes- but then sometimes you'll have mad sizing things.
    The blue dress I'm wearing in my current picture is a topshop size 10! though I'm certain it's supposed to be a hell of a lot more slouchy. I even had a size 6 dress from there once..I dont get it.
    But yeh, New Look's always good, MUCH cheaper too!