Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Big Stuff. it comes...
the measurements.
At Start of WW:
ARMS:16.5 Inches
BUST:42.5 Inches
WAIST:37 Inches
HIPS:48 Inches
THIGHS:30.5 Inches

(for honesty and accuracies sake throughout this journey- it's hard to measure arms,hips and thighs in the same place each week...)
So, to start with, I weighed 220 pounds. That's as much as a Vespa moped and a car tyre. That's scary.

Right now, 5 weeks later my measurements are:
WEIGHT:14st13.5lb(by tuesdays weigh in)
ARMS:15 Inches
BUST:42. Inches
WAIST:36 Inches
HIPS:48 Inches
THIGHS:30 Inches

I've lost 10 and a half pounds, which is somewhere between an average gallon of paint, and an average household cat. Glad I'm not carrying that around with me anymore.
So now i weigh as much as a vespa moped, and a slightly underweight housecat.
Shame I'm allergic to cats- guess I'll have to lose that next.
So there's my improvement so far! I'm gonna update my measurement every tuesday on WI day. Exciting stuff, hope you can handle such a cliffhanger of a situation...

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