Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Recovery Plans

As my beloved followers out there may have noticed, I've been absent, and when I've been here I've been in a right old state.
My life has been topsy-turvy of late. Finishing Uni and moving back in with my parents, with no real space of my own, without a job, away from all my friends has been very hard and very stressful and my binge eating problems have reached epic proportions. I haven;t gone a single week since moving back home that I haven't gained weight and it is making me sad and angry and scared.
I got myself a book:

I've read it cover to cover. The first half talks about research into binge eating, and binge eating disorders, though it feels a little dated. It actually talks more about anorexia and bulimia than B.E.D. but it's interesting reading nevertheless. The second half is a self-help plan for those with binge eating problems, like me (and i suspect a few of you out there may recognise yourselves in it).

I'm staying with weight watchers, though I may be off plan for a little while, as an important part of the recovery process is monitoring how you eat 'naturally', so you can learn from it, which is what I'm currently doing. When I have enough understanding of what makes me do what I do then I will be able to hopefully start integrating weight watchers with my recovery plan.

I'll keep you posted.
If any of you have suffered with similar problems I would love to hear from you. While I don't think I can wholly class myself as having Binge Eating Disorder I am definitely borderline, and it is a very lonely and humiliating place to be.


  1. Good for you for taking such positive steps. That's absolutely brilliant, well done.