Saturday, 1 January 2011

That Resolution Thing

Last years Resolutions:
1: This year I will get to goal - the exact weight will be decided nearer the time as I do not yet know what I will feel happiest at, but it will be within my healthy BMI range. 
FAIL:I got stuck in a massive plateau which has only started to shift since ProPoints started.
This year I have lost a grand total of 5 pounds. An average of 0.1 lb a week. Really I lost quite a lot of pounds put put them on again and took them off again for ages. Even so, rubbish. But on the plus side- I'm 5lbs lighter than this time last year!
2: I will complete at least the body test, if not training, on the Wii Fit Plus every day providing this is possible.
FAIL: 3: I will sell the clothes I have shrunk out of on ebay, or donate them to charity, as soon as they dont fit me. I wont fit them again - I will not have them hanging around the house.
WIN: this basically happened as planned!4: I will pass my second year at uni with flying colours!
WIN: partly. I passed 2nd year with a 1st, but i JUST scraped it by .1 of a mark.5: I will keep procrastination to an absolute minimum as regards Uni work, exercise, and housework.
FAIL: Pfft. This was a stupid resolution, how can that even be quantified!?6: I will reduce my reliance on asthma inhalers.
WIN: Quit smoking, actually sorted out what inhalors need to be taken when.7: I will learn how to jog!
FAIL: Well, I sort of know the theory, but the practice continues to elude me.8: I will learn to budget and thus not live in my overdraft :s
FAIL: I am still most definately in my overdraft. But I have taken a bit more responsibility about it now and am getting a bit better at not buying stupid amounts of unnecessary stuff.9: I will be a good vegetarian and avoid all gelatine, animal rennet and other animal byproducts in food which I've become much to lazy about.
FAIL: On the gelatine front I was definately a bad vegetarian... I made a show with jelly and haribo in it...10: I will drink water. Lots of water. Everyday. No excuses.
FAIL: Still nowhere near enough.11: I will keep this blog up!
I guess posting this entry is a sort of WIN...though I have been pretty neglectful...

2011's resolutions will be posted in the morning...
Have a good one!

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