Saturday, 1 January 2011

That New Years Blog Thing

2011's Resolutions - the big ones anyway (there's a lot of 'read this book' type little ones):

2: Graduate!
3: Make a real go of having my own theatre company!
4: Get out of my overdraft!

I've been feeling very inspired by the wonderful Leah who has lost 50lbs over the last year and so have decided to accept the challenge (not that it was issued as a challenge...but I'm taking it as one!).
An average of 1lb loss a week, with a week off for my birthday and a week off for xmas should have me 50lb lighter this time next year! That seems totally manageable. If you fancy joining me in this challenge join me here:
The Losing Year: 50lbs in 52 Weeks

Here is me now -

Breathing out

Sucking it in

Here's to seeing a lot less of me in 2011!

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