Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Stringing Beads

Actual new plan.
I'm home from holland(finally. 7 and a half weeks takes it out of you...) and back at WW as of tonight.
I haven't been on plan whilst I was away and i reckon i've gained about 7 pounds. But it's ok because I'M BACK ON TRACK IN AN EPIC MANNER.
I am most of the way through writing out a nice meal plan for the week, and me and the mumsicle went shopping for lots of nice healthy low points goodies to keep me on the straight and narrow. (When I got home the fridge was just full of meat and cheese and very little else. No.)
I also have a new motivational plan type thing - slightly nicked from...one of you? I've forgotten who, i'll have a looksie and re-edit this later when I can remember who. Anyhow, they were talking about taking things just one day at a time, no worrying about the big picture, just to keep trying for one good day. She equated these days to stringing pearls and diamonds onto a necklace. My budget wont quite allow for pearls and diamonds but I am going to string a bead onto a ribbon for every good day I have, and take a bead off for every bad day. Every ten beads on I will give myself some kind of a reward -a manicure or a bubble bath or a magazine or something - just some little non-edible treat to keep me in the game. I think this is going to be good. And if I'M good then I'll have a shiny new necklace sometime soon :D

Also I was a bit of a silly and left my weigh-in card thing and points calculator in the uni house. So I'm going to have to get new ones tonight...

Start stringing your bead too! I want to see pictures of you wearing strings of shiny good days! Overuse of exclamation marks! Yay!

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