Sunday, 6 June 2010

Cycling Terrors II (Back with a vengeance)

I went for a proper bike ride today.
We all rode towards the park, across the bridge, and then started cycling along by the river. And kept going. The bike path was really quiet and pretty and long...We ended up cycling all the way out of Maastricht! I must have ridden about 4-5 miles today and Was feeling super proud of myself and a hell of a lot more confident.
And then we went back into the city. Where there are people, and sharp corners and cars.
I was going too fast down one side of the bridge, saw a car coming, swerved massively to miss it and ended up skidding into a group of three women on their bikes. We all went down pretty hard put noone was seriously hurt, I just have a bit of a bruised and bloody knee. And a heavily renewed paranoia. I couldn't stop shaking and crying for about an hour, and got really hysterical. I'm just not ready for city cycling yet. Greenie made me get back on my bike to cycle back to the house though, which was probably for the best, even if I was very wobbly. We're going to get up early and cycle along the riverbank again tomorrow, weather permitting, so hopefully I'll get my confidence back a bit. Until the crash I was actually really enjoying myself!
But slowly does it. No more getting ahead of myself.


  1. Cycling scares the bejeezus out of me too so well done for having a go and getting back on. xx

  2. Well done for the country cycling part - you'll get past the city cycling bit eventually. If you think your bike is hard, check this one out that Ben and I rode around Northern Italy on holiday last year (!! In truth it was actually an amazing bike to ride but I had to trust Ben as he was steering and had the brakes!

  3. that thing is INSANE! How...gah....eek! NO way I'd get on one of those things...