Saturday, 31 July 2010

WW Site Revamp

The Weight Watchers site has been revamped(in the UK at least, dont know about you guys and gals across the pond) and for the most part I LOVE IT.

Now we can make official challenges for everyone and anyone to join in on which is right up my street. I made my "Just One Week" mission into a proper challenge:

Just One Week

And I've also christened myself "The Instant Mini-challenge fairy" - I posted a couple of instant challenges on all the message boards, such as "if you've read this DO 10 STAR JUMPS!' and enjoyed it so much I've made it into a daily challenge feature.

Your Daily Mini-Challenge!

I'm updating this with a new challenge every day, that can be done in roughly a minute or less! The first was do do 10-20 star jumps, the second to spend a minute thinking about how you will look at goal weight, or how great you look now you've reached goal, and todays challenge is to go drink a big glass of water!
I'm finding setting these challenges really helpful as
A) I feel accountable to all my challengees! I can't expect them to live up to the challenges if I don't do it myself!
B) it's keeping me creative, it's only been 3 days so far but I know having to come up with new challenges will help keep me out of ruts and boredom, and hopefully I can pull others out with me!
C) It's keeping me focussed, knowing I have to go and post a new challenge everyday, and that (as of right now) 29 people will be checking up on me - I've got to be there! I can't let them down! And with not letting them down comes not letting myself down.

Another new feature is that you can start blogs on the WW site now. I've ummed and ahed over whether to transfer over there, or whether to post the same blog on here and on there, but that seems silly, and I like my community on here! The limitations of the WW site is that it's just for the UK as far as I'm aware, and I don't want to lose my favourite overseas buddies! So for now at least, I'm challenging on there, but blogging right here.

But if you ARE in the UK.....come join my challenges!

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