Thursday, 1 April 2010

Easter Holidays!

Home again Home again!
Went to my old WI meeting again, to many people saying how good I look and how well I've been doing...or so it must have seemed to them. I feel like I've been a bit of a mess when it comes to keeping up with WW at uni. Yes I have gym membership but I don't go as often as I should. Yes I can do the half an hour walk to uni and back each day, but if I'm offered a lift I never turn it down. Yes I can write menu plans but I'll rarely stick to them. All in all some habits need a major makeover.
I gained 2.5lb this week taking me back up to 13st 8lb which sucks, but I was expecting it. The last week of term always involves eating up whatever's left in cupboards before I go home, so I've been living on pasta and pesto and...ok...ben and jerrys.
Not good.
At my meeting I won the raffle and got £7 to use in the shop which went towards buying the filling foods cookbook. I've planned it out so I'm trying a new recipe every night for dinner. Last night I tried the sausage and potato hotpot with quorn sausages for 4 points which wasn't bad at all and was definitely very filling. The recipe calls for using 150 ml of cider though- and once that bottle was open there was no going back... Ended up drinking the rest of the pint which tipped me over the edge of my points for the day.
Also made the chocolate brownies which weren't actually very nice, very flat, very gooey, bit of a mess.
Hopefully tonights recipes will go better!

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