Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Mini-Goal Motivation

I took inspiration from a few other people on the WW message boards and got myself a (very cheap knock-off from amazon) pandora style bracelet, and I'm giving myself a charm for all my mini-goals (listed at the side over there:

I have an acorn at the start , when I get to goal I will have a tree, and inbetween I'm having a little rainbow apple for every silver seven,  a silvery charm for each 5% of my body weight, and number charms for how many pounds I have left to go in my 50lbs in 52 week challenge!

I like shiny things...


  1. After tonights WI I'm now 1lb away from getting my next apple! Also means I have a constant reminder on my wrist when I find myself reaching for the cookies...

  2. Oh, I so love the bracelet idea. It's good to have that little something to look at through the day to remind you what you're doing and how far you've come. People sometimes focus too much on how far is left to go, but I find there's so much joy in looking at just how far I've come.

  3. Love this idea! So going to be doing that - ebay here I come :)