Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I've spent the last couple of weekend staying at the boys digs in leeds, and as a result have been eating out, overeating and not tracking. Consequently I've had 2 weeks gain in a row. Which is stopping right now. At my meeting last night the eating out books were on sale, and I've lost my old one, so I got a new one and wont be caught out by being away again. I've also made a menu plan for the week which I AM GOING TO STICK TO!
I'm also going to try posting what I eat and drink on here again, that worked really well for me last time.

So far today:
2 Eggs (scrambled) with a splash of skimmed milk (3)
Tortilla (2.5)
Tabasco (0)
Welches Light Grape Juice(300ml) (1)


And I have my pedometer on. Going to do a big session on the Wii fit now because I have a party to go to tonight and I could do with some extra points in the bank!


Lunch was a giant salad of deliciousness.
Butterbeans (1)
Cashew nuts (1)
Dried Cherries(1)
Sunflower Seeds (0.5)
Mushrooms (0)
Cherry Tomatoes(0)
Orange Pepper (0)
Green Pepper(0)
Pickled Red Cabbage (0)
Cheddar Cheese (2)
Tabasco (0)
Lemon Juice(0)
Black Onion Seeds (0)
Olive Oil (1)

And I attempted all the muscle workouts on the Wii - didn;t manage all of them anywhere near perfectly, but I didn't die!


  1. Good for you, getting back at it.

  2. I have decided to switch blogs & would love to keep track of you. If so inclined, please join me at: