Tuesday, 16 March 2010


I haven't tracked for three weeks.  I've binged for three weeks. I've gained for three weeks. I haven't cared for three weeks.

I've had a guy I like like me back for three weeks.

I think I see a correlation.

It's a MASSIVE novelty to have someone find me attractive, to make me feel like I look good, to make me feel I am sexy. So my ego has shot way up lately. Thus I haven't made an effort with WW because I'm feeling too good to focus on feeling better. If that makes any sense...

But I remeber how much thinner I was feeling three weeks ago, I can vividly recall the sensation, and I felt better then than I do now.
SO I need to remember:
-It ain't over yet.
-I'm going to feel better the thinner I get
-I only felt this good in the first place because I've got rid of about two stone so far

And so I really need to stay on track. I refuse to let this slide any further or I'll be back where I started with frightening speed.


  1. Hope you get back on track REAL soon before all your hard work is undone !! Love does all sorts of crazy things to you, makes your head in a spin. But remember all the reasons you wanted to lose this weight and climb back on that wagon, bring your fella along too if ya like ;O) x x x

  2. Wish I could bring him along but he's an actor and actually has to stay big for his job! lucky git!
    I'm feeling track-ish today though. Going to go get on the Wii fit and something nutritious and deloicious for breakfast.

  3. Oh that is the best reason to gain weight though! I'm afraid when I have a binge it's because I'm stressed like I have been the last couple of weeks so it's been really hard not to keep on snacking. Well you've realised what's happening and can do something about it :)

    Sorry I've been slow getting back to comments lately! I don't know Hanley too well but the fabric shop was only a few minutes walk from the art gallery.

  4. It is indeed the best reason :D
    *destresses you and hieds the snacks*
    we can do this!
    I'm going to go explore hanley very soon -i have vague plans for pretty dresses!

  5. I've been writing all my food down the last couple of weeks because I don't like having to write all the snacks down so I leave them out! Anyway it seems to have worked as I now weigh the least I have done in over two years which is when I gained so much. So I was very excited when I got on the scales this morning. :D
    I went back to Hanley yesterday because my dad had some business there, gosh do I love that fabric shop!