Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Cinderella Dress

In the couple of weeks that led up to me joining weight watchers I had to figure out what I was going to wear for my cousins wedding. At 5ft 4 and 15st 10lbs I wasn't fitting into much of anything pretty, so I got rather stressed out about this - cue impulse buying madness.
I bought a BEAUTIFUL 1950's style rose print dress from H&M, without trying it on - it was MILES too small.
This was a year and 3 months ago.


For tonights uni xmas party I was trying to find something I wasn't bored of to wear - and found the bag full of 'stuff to fit into' and had a rummage. I found that rose print dress, slipped it on, and zipped it up.
It fit's like a dream.

So tonight I am in full cinderella mode and plan on being the belle of the ball!

EDIT: (next day) I couldn't find my camera so I'm relying on photobooth and anyone who managed to get a picture of me before I had to be taken home drunk (I forgot to eat anything substantial before drinking so ended up a bit...messy). There I am twirling away in the middle!


  1. You look so beautiful in that dress! Your hair looks pretty, too. :-)

    I'm so happy for you for fitting into that dress, what a great feeling. You should be very proud of yourself.

  2. Thank you :D
    I'm now looking forward to slimming right out of it!
    I feel very in control right now.